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Through our companies and Kasbah Aladdin LLC we organize stays, treks, excursions, training courses and seminars in the south of Morocco, but also tours throughout the territory to discover the treasures of Morocco.

All our excursions are private, only you, your family or your group will participate.

The manager Ali el Bekkari was born in M'Hamid el Ghizlane. He has 25 years of experience in meeting your individual needs as a couple, a family or a group of friends.

He’s a passionate man and a fine expert of the desert and he will help you discover the beauty of the landscapes and the inhabitants of his region, their traditions and their culture.

His associate Christiane will be your digital assistant but also on site to answer all your questions.

We will welcome you at the Kasbah Aladdin Auberge in M'Hamid and at the bivouac "Le Charme d'Aladdin" at the foot of the great dunes of Chegaga for a stay of relaxation but also of encounters and adventure through exciting excursions in the desert.

You can arrive at M'Hamid by your own means: car or camping-car, (legit places are available to park), otherwise one of our guide drivers will come to pick you up in Marrakech or elsewhere depending on your needs. You will be able to build your own customized tour, choosing the duration, your stops an your visits, because we take care of you in an exclusive way, And finally you will be accompanied all time by our guides who speak your language.

An unforgettable experience of living in the desert.

It’s about beeing immersed in a mineral world, between the huge rocks of mountains and the tiny sand grains of the dunes, as well as, beeing immersed in a world of intense heat during the day and cold at night, depending on the season.

Man perceives his real dimension and fragility in amidst this immensity, amidst this nature.

This is, perhaps, why the bivouacs are so wonderful... Settling down in the evening, within a group, around the fire is a magical moment.

We prepare grilled food or the tagine, we discuss the past day, we exchange on our customs, we drink mint tea, and we sing. Then at night, we lie down in the sand (if the temperature allows it) and we admire the sky…

A sky that is difficult to see in other countries: the Milky Way, the galaxies, the infinity of the cosmos... everything is there. 

At the top of our dune, without any light around, we feel alive at the bow of our ship the Earth, this Earth which transports us in the universe at dizzying speeds.

Then... we start to dream !!!

We are located here

We are located here